Elisabeth, Kingsland

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Having arrived to the tail end of a cyclone heading towards the South Island, we were showered down on during our first few days in Auckland. We were recommended Elisabeth by our hosts to combat our cabin fever and it definitely did the trick.

Located on New North Road, in one of my favourite suburbs of Kingsland, this charming coffee and dessert spot is definitely worth a visit.

They have a wide variety of hot drinks, so if you are not a coffee fan, there is something for everyone. Their Hot Chocolate ‘Mess’ ($7) consists of fair-trade, organic cocoa chocolate imported from the African islands of São Tomé and Príncipe as well as from the Dominican Republic. They get the bits of chocolate by shaving it away from these big blocks of decadence.

There’s a street gazing section up front or you can opt to lounge in the back and rather read your book or hang out with a group of friends.

We tried their Hot Chocolate ‘Mess’ (of course) and a Vanilla/Chai latte ($6). The chocolate was delicious and not overpoweringly sweet due to it consisting mostly of dark chocolate (72%). The latte was very much on the sugary side but I suppose that’s not unusual considering the description. Their portion size is generous and you will satisfied with your fill. They also have an array of desserts available which look delicious if your sweet tooth gets the better of you.


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