The Obliteration Room, Auckland

Welcome to the Obliteration Room. An artistic concept by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama presented at the Auckland Art Gallery until the 2nd of April 2018. The story behind it is that as a young girl the artist started seeing the world through a screen of dots which covered everything she looked at. For the last 40 years she has made sculptures, paintings and photographs using dots to cover surfaces and fill rooms.

Entering into the Obliteration Room made me feel like I was somehow Alice in Wonderland. A concept that had me intrigued from the get go, as there is something just magical about colour.

The display started off as a blank canvas in December 2017, a totally white room. Then slowly but surely it has transformed itself into this. On entry every person is given a sheet of colourful stickers to add to the room.

As you can imagine there are quite a few children who join in on the action. There are couches, a dining room table and chairs and even a piano for them to play on, so definitely worth a visit if you have little ones. 

And as for us adults…. “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”


3 thoughts on “The Obliteration Room, Auckland

  1. I love it. Dots and circles are the very fundamental form of art. My sister is in Auckland right now and share a link to this. Maybe she will get a chance to visit. My brother is very focused on circles and I just posted his first artwork that I titled painted prayers.


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