Pop-up Globe theatre, Auckland

Where better to watch a Shakespearean play than in a replica of an actual ancient theatre built by Shakespeare and his team. The first ‘Globe’ stood for a few years but burnt down during one of his plays, it was then re-built in 1614 and stood until 1644 when it was demolished in the English Civil War.

What was supposed to be a once-off performance in remembrance of Shakespeare’s death (400 years ago) in 2016, is currently celebrating the 3rd set of performances in Auckland and will be going on until the 1st of April 2018.

I was spoilt with a ticket on Valentine’s day to go and see Macbeth but there are also four other shows to choose from which include: Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, The Comedy of Errors and Julius Caesar.

The theatre seats up to 900 people and there are a variety of tickets for sale, ranging from standing tickets at 10$ (the ‘peasant’ tickets) to seated, premium tickets at 199$ for the real die-hard Shakespeareans. As we are both Civil Engineers by qualification we were in awe of the intricate scaffolding and how the theatre was built.

It rained during the second half of the show but they continued to act without fuss. Only the people in the standing section got wet but nothing a rain jacket couldn’t handle, so go prepared for the weather. A lovely night out with a little dose of English culture for the soul.

The theatre is over for 2018 but with some luck it will be back in 2019 so keep an eye out for it!




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